BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — “I actually had no idea when the voter registration deadline was and that was one of the first things that jumped out at me is oh my gosh I’ve got like a week left,” said Danielle Marino of Amherst.

Danielle Marino says she caught the voter registration deadline in time thanks to a new Voter Education Guide for women.

“This was really tailored to our community so I could understand specifically what was related to me and my area,” said Marino.

The voter education guide, created by the WNY Women’s Foundation is like a voter 101 manual. It highlights issues like poverty, gender pay equity, paid family leave and includes local statistics.

“Women’s issues are family issues, they’re community issues, they’re issues for all of us and so much of them are around family and workforce support,” said Sheri Scavone, WNY Women’s Foundation Executive Director.

Regardless of party affiliation, Scavone says the Women’s Foundation encourages women to use the guide as a tool. And when watching the debate tonight, she suggests listening for key issues.

“Any of the family friendly sorts of policies, tax credits for child care, healthcare, child care policies, paid family leave, pay equity,” said Scavone.

Voter turnout for women has increased locally. In Niagara Country more than 68 thousand women are registered to vote compared to just over 65 thousand in 2012. In Erie County, more than 318 thousand women are registered to vote compared to just over 277 thousand in 2012.

Scavone says there’s still a long way to go .

“The reality of it is that these elected officials are developing the policies and the budgets that are affecting all of us,” said Scavone.

You can download a guide at www.wnywomensfoundation.org/advocacy