Acting NICO Sheriff calls opponent’s accusations ‘baseless, despicable’

Niagara County

NIAGARA COUNTY, N.Y. (WIVB)–Voters in Niagara County on Tuesday will choose the man who will replace longtime Sheriff Jim Voutour, and in the 11th hour of the campaign, the accusations are flying.

That alleged conspiracy involves what happens at the scene, and what happened just a short time earlier, after the 23-year-old son of acting Sheriff Michael Filicetti was accused in a hit and run.

It’s now the subject of a social media campaign against Filicetti, less than one week before the June 23 election.

“It’s just not right. It’s a political race. Run it on your merits,” Filicetti said. “To make these accusations, baseless accusations that I’ve committed some type of crime, that I covered up some accident, or that my son’s been in some type of accident, is just despicable.”

Filicetti is running against Brian Grear, a part time officer with the Lewiston Police Department. 

Filicetti says Grear’s campaign manager, and one of his supporters, Dave Mongeilo, are targeting his family. 

The hit-and-run happened on the evening of April 19. Before Filicetti’s son met Lewiston Police at the Sanborn Fire Hall, he was hanging campaign signs in the area of Bridgeman Road, where the hit-and-run happened. 

The owner of the vehicle reportedly heard a noise, followed a black truck and called 911, to provide plate and other information. 

The problem with that theory is, there’s nothing on the truck that showed it had been in a wreck that caused thousands of dollars in damages. 

In fact, Filicetti asks the officers on scene that night the same question. 

Grear says he’s not targeting anyone, and in no way was involved in the hit-and-run investigation — not on April 19 or after. 

“I unequivocally did not and would not target his son or anyone else for that matter. That’s not what we do in the police service. The incident the undersheriff describes isn’t truthful,” Grear said.

There are also allegations swirling around social media that Filicetti in some way threatened or intimidated those officers on the scene that night.

After watching the entire video myself, there’s no indication of that. In fact, Filicetti complimented the officers on their professionalism.

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