Governor says new NY license plates aren’t a money grab – he says it’s the reverse

Niagara County

WILSON, N.Y. (WIVB) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo said new license plates for New York drivers are required so E-ZPass can read them, and not a money grab.

Starting in April 2020, anybody with a white and blue New York State license plate will be required to pay $25 for a plate with the new design, and an additional $20 if they want to keep the same plate number.

The $25 fee is set in the New York State Vehicle and Traffic law.

The new plates, designs for which were unveiled Monday, are a necessity according to the governor, who said, “I don’t want to buy new plates either.”

“But, it’s 10 years, you need a plate that works with E-ZPass,” said Cuomo, D-New York. “If it doesn’t work with E-ZPass, then we have a real – talk about a money grab, we have the opposite problem. We’re going to have a real fiscal issue because we’re going to have a deficit when it comes to toll collection.”

A DMV spokesperson said that by the time license plates are 10 years old, their reflective ability and visibility is diminished.

According to the press release announcing the new plates, more than 3 million vehicles in New York State currently have plates that are 10 years and older, with many damaged, oxidized, and peeling, making it difficult to read the license plate number.

Cuomo said making sure the E-ZPass system work better, and more vehicles are readable, means everyone saves money and time.

“The good news is, E-ZPass saves time, E-ZPass saves money, so this is saving consumers in the long-term. It’s not costing, it’s saving,” Cuomo said.

“If you had the the old system, you had people in toll booths, and you were
paying those salaries, and you were waiting in line, to pay that toll,
burning gasoline – that’s what costs money. This is a cost-saver.”

Senator Chris Jacobs responded to the governor’s announcement this afternoon saying:

“Governor Cuomo’s blatant money grab on already over-taxed New Yorkers. As a former County Clerk who ran Auto Bureaus, I know full-well how many ridiculous fees and taxes the State already imposes on drivers,” said Jacobs. “This is just another example of the Cuomo administration using any excuse to take more hard-earned money from already overtaxed New Yorker’s,” said Jacobs. “What makes this really galling is that this money grab is being done under the guise of public safety.”

Senator Chris Jacobs

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