NEWFANE, N.Y. (WIVB) — Licensed cannabis cultivators are growing impatient, as they wait for legal cannabis dispensaries to open here in Western New York. Once those businesses open — farmers say there’s no guarantee they’ll make a profit.

Jeanette Miller has already began growing cannabis at her farm in Newfane that will be harvested this year. The problem, is that she still has product she grew last year, and each day that passes, that product loses it’s value.

“I’m at the verge of not being able to move forward,” Miller told News 4.

Earlier this year, the state awarded a number of CAURD licenses to people looking to open their own adult-use cannabis dispensaries. At first, Miller thought this would be a great way for her to sell what she grew.

“Hemp had devastated a lot of our farms already and we were already distressed farmers but we saw the opportunity here as great growers to be able to move forward,” Miller said.

Any growth cultivators can make in the cannabis industry has been stunted, because it’s taking business owners longer than expected to open those shops.

“We grew almost 1,000 pounds each some of us of some great cannabis here in New York state,” Miller said. “Then the market never opened, the CAURDS never got their stores, the ability for us to sell it didn’t happen.”

Miller, and a handful of other cultivators across the state, are now asking lawmakers to let them sell the crop they grew last year, themselves, before they lose more money. One of those solutions could be a cannabis farmers market.

“I think it’s a great idea but I also think having this product at other events, not just a cannabis market, is also beneficial because it could draw people to an event they might not otherwise have gone to,” Miller said.

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