Niagara University using form of augmented reality to help stop the spread on campus


LEWISTON, N.Y. (WIVB)–Niagara University is using a form of augmented reality to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

It’s a unique tool that will be available to students and staff inside most of the buildings on campus this fall. 

And, the only thing you need to turn it on is your cell phone, and an app.

When you scan the sign it starts to talk to you, through augmented reality technology.

For example, one sign sends a message to students about how to keep safe from COVID-19 while in the classroom. 

Niagara University just launched an augmented reality tool called the NU AR Network. 

Here’s how it works, students or staff download the AReverywhere app, and they use the app to scan posters that are placed in buildings throughout the campus.

Once scanned, a video or a message pops up and displays information about COVID-19.

Some of the information on the signs include messages about new COVID 19 procedures, like how to navigate the staircase.

The recordings on the signs will be updated and could change as the COVID-19 procedures grow and change on the university’s campus. 

In addition to the new AR app, the university has implemented other COVID safety measure like virus-blocking pillows in the residence halls.

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