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Niagara County

GASPORT, N.Y. (WIVB) — It’s been named one of the “Most Terrifying Places in America” and it’s right in our own backyard. Graestone Manor Bed and Breakfast in Gasport will be featured Tuesday night on the Travel Channel.

Owners Heather and Robert Mattison never intended on buying a haunted house. “We didn’t know until we actually moved in that there was activity here,” said Heather Mattison.  “Then we started seeing things, shadow people and hearing our names be called.” 

After having some strange experiences they did their research and learned the manor was built in 1865 by Curtis Root. He was a horse breeder and racing enthusiast. 

There are 20 rooms and 50 doors, some of which will randomly open and close, throughout the manor.

The “Green room” belonged to Curtis Root.  He died inside this room ironically enough following a horse accident.  “We’ve had a hard time with that room,” she said.  ” You always feel very iced out or cold.  Even in the summer it’s a cold presence.” 

The red , gold  and doll rooms are all available for nightly stays.  Each of them have their interesting back stories and encounters. 

Back in the main parlor a woman named Mina is often seen and heard.  She’s even been picked up in photos taken.

The basement is a paranormal hot spot. It’s monitored by camera and has a live stream.  The team from “Most Terrifying Places in America,” had quite the experience inside.  You can watch what happened tonight at 10 on the Travel Channel.  

If that peaks your interest, the owners say its worth a stay.  “They (the spirits) love the company it does make things jump,” said Mattison.”

If you’re brave enough to stay the night or check it out yourself you can head here for more information. 

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