Local leaders along Lake Ontario’s shore discuss measures to protect communities from flooding

Niagara County

TOWN OF PORTER, N.Y. (WIVB)– Mayors from seven different towns along the lakeshore say tonight’s meeting was a way to speak with people who’ve been impacted by flooding over the years.

They also say it’s important for them to join together and call on the state to do something.

Those mayors tell us flooding has obviously caused significant damage when it comes to homes, but their business owners are also greatly impacted by Lake Ontario’s flooding.

Many say when people hear of the high water levels they assume the areas go on lockdown, leading to lack of tourism.

Now, these leaders are looking to get the word out that businesses remain open despite the flooding.

“Largely what I’ve heard from businesses in our village is they can handle the water. What they need help with is people knowing they are open. They can handle the water but they’re there every day ready to work,” said Village of Wilson Mayor Arthur Lawson.

Some of the mayors we spoke with also say they need to continue to call for the repeal of the International Joint Commission’s 2014, which they believe has led to the significant damage they have faced over the years.

This is the fourth meeting this group has held just this year.

Officials say they plan to keep meeting ahead of this spring when they fear the water levels will rise once again.

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