Notorious killer and sex offender returns to court for his fleeing U.S. in the 90s


NIAGARA COUNTY, N.Y. (WIVB) — William Shrubsall, who committed several crimes here and in Canada, was on Friday in Niagara County Court, where a judge will decide if a bail jumping charge against him will be dismissed.

Shrubsall, 47, was earlier this year deported from Canada, where he fled to after faking his death during a 1996 trial for sexual assault charges here in the United States. In Canada, he served time for sexually assaulting at least three women there.

In 1997, Shrubsall was convicted of sexually abusing a 17-year-old in Niagara Falls, but wasn’t in court for his sentencing. Shrubsall is currently serving a 2 1/3 to seven-year prison sentence for that crime.

Shrubsall’s lawyers argue that it shouldn’t have taken more than 10 years to bring him back to the U.S., but District Attorney Caroline Wojtaszek says that the then-D.A. knew the often lengthy extradition process was unlikely, but the process was still attempted.

“The reason we’re putting forth this effort from our office is the simple fact that you don’t get to take off in the middle of your trial, fake your suicide or death and create that amount of work and effort on the part of the District Attorney’s Office and the New York State Police for years while you go and commit crimes in Canada,” Wojtaszek said.

Shrubsall was also convicted of killing his mother in 1989, and served 16 months because he was still a minor at the time.

Shrubsall is due back in court on Aug. 14.

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