LOCKPORT, N.Y. (WIVB) — Niagara County SPCA Human Law Enforcement agents are investigating claims of an illegal ear cropping set-up out of Lockport.

Ear cropping is a surgery where the soft part of a dog’s ear is clipped. The American Kennel Club recognizes 20 breeds that receive this procedure.

SPCA Investigator Eric Salisbury says it is not illegal when done in a veterinarian’s office and with proper anesthesia. But, he says the person allegedly doing the operation was traveling to Western New York from Pennsylvania and did not have any certification.

The SPCA received an anonymous tip about the possible illegal operation, which led them to investigate.

“I understand it has been done two or three times, anywhere from ten to twenty puppies each time, ” said Salisbury. “At this event, we basically halted it before any animals got injured.”

Salisbury also told News 4 that some of the drugs used to sedate the dogs came from out of the country and had expired.

Both the Lockport homeowner and the Pennsylvania resident are charged with misdemeanors and will be back in court on April 18.

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