NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB)–A steady gush of tenant complaints has forced a Lewiston couple to give up their rights to nearly 30 residential properties in Niagara Falls.

The attorney general reached a settlement with the couple, on behalf of the tenants, to sell out.

Sarah Henry took video on her cell phone, as she was sloshing through water on her kitchen floor. Water that leaked from the bathroom of an upstairs apartment, through a massive hole in the ceiling.

Sarah lives in one of the 29 properties in Niagara Falls owned by Nicholas and Sharon George of Lewiston.

Henry told us, she and other tenants have been constantly asking for the George’s to make needed repairs, but they are mostly ignored, or there is retaliation.

And once the water is shut off, Sarah told us, Nicholas George would then have the apartment condemned, and the tenant evicted.

Matt Finamore of Neighborhood Legal Services took Sarah’s case and those of other tenants living in the Georges’ properties and got court orders barring the couple from collecting rent until the necessary repairs were made.

The State Attorney General then took on the George’s who agreed to settle those grievances out of court.

As part of the settlement, the George’s have agreed to sell all of their properties in Niagara Falls to someone who will properly maintain them, and rather than pocket the proceeds from that sale they are putting that towards the repairs.

Nicholas nor Sharon George would comment for our story, but Attorney General James told us, if they have not sold all 29 properties by November of 2021, a receiver will be appointed to oversee those properties, at the Georges’ expense.