NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB)– Niagara Falls Police say a Niagara Falls City School District employee was handed what they believed to be a partially smoked “marijuana cigarette” by a four-year-old student when employees of the Cataract Elementary School were helping the student get items from their backpack.

The responding officer observed the suspected marijuana in a plastic baggie with a logo saying ‘Jokes Up V’ and ‘powered by Runtz.’

According to police, the officer says there were also Canadian symbols on the package, and it appears the bag may be used by legal dispensaries across the border.

The student’s mother and grandmother met with a juvenile division detective on the matter. Authorities say the 58-year-old grandmother said the marijuana belonged to her, and the package was in her purse.

She also told the detective she suffers from various ailments that cause her pain, and she occasionally smokes it to ease the pain, rather than take “addictive” prescribed pain killers. Police say she showed the detective prescription medications with her name on the bottles.

The grandmother says she does not recall who gave her the marijuana.

No charges are filed at this time because police say until lap reports show the substance is, in fact, marijuana. Police say if it is marijuana, possible charges could be unlawful possession of marijuana and endangering the welfare of a child.

Niagara Falls Police say they will interview the child.