Residents in Niagara Falls might soon have to pay to have their garbage picked up

Niagara Falls

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB)–Residents of Niagara Falls might soon have to pay to have their garbage picked up.

Right now the City of Niagara Falls does not have any fee for their garbage collection.

If a user fee, that’s in the 2020 proposed budget, is approved, then it could bring millions to the city.

The Niagara Falls City Council is continuing the process making adjustments to Mayor Dyster’s 2020 budget and one of those changes could be the garbage user fee.

For a fee to exist, the city’s charter must be changed. The City Council is considering that change.

If the council decides to keep the user fee in the proposed budget, it could bring about $4 million in revenue to the city.

“I don’t believe that us as councilmen have yet done our job, we’re still doing budget deliberations, trying to find cuts in the budget that he proposed. I’d like to see us come up with enough cuts so that we don’t have to have a garbage user fee. So, I think that pulling it off the table tonight is premature because I think we should be doing everything and anything we could. We have three more budge sessions. We should be able to find that money somewhere in the budget, where we can make other cuts without putting that burden on the taxpayer,” Councilman Kenny Tompkins said.

Council President Andrew Touma added, “first we have to amend the charter to include the user fee, that’s the first step by law, and we already have the hearing on it and the second thing, council could decide at that point, they found cuts that amount to 4 million to eliminate the user fee.”

Other budget issues the council is reexamining include overtime for city police officers and irefighters.

They’re also looking at how to spend potential money from the Senecas. The council has until December 1 to make changes to the proposed budget.

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