Viral video from Niagara Falls shows another side of how police serve and protect

Niagara Falls

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB)–Another video of police here in Western New York is going viral on social media for positive reasons.

It was just a walk in the park for D’Andra Brown and her daughter Nevaeh.

And it was a regular patrol through Niagara Falls State Park for Officer Janine Kloetzer

Two women, two moms, crossing paths for one unintentional message.

“When I was driving over the American Rapids Bridge, I saw a young lady with two adult females and as I approached, she kind of froze up, looked very terrified, and put her hands up,” Kloetzer said. “It just broke my heart to see how terrified she looked, just to see the police car.”

“I thought we were in trouble and I thought we were going to go to jail,” Nevah said.

“When she approached us, initially I thought we did something wrong, I mean I didn’t know,” D’Andra said. “And she started to tear up and then she started to talk to my daughter and she was like mom I just want to talk to your daughter because I passed and I saw the look on her face and I really don’t want her to think all officers are bad, you know there are good officers.”

Brown captured the moment in this now viral video.

“She pulled her phone out, I was hoping it wasn’t going on social media because that wasn’t the route I was trying to go but it did,” Kloetzer said.

Brown added, “that was the reason I recorded it because right before that she was afraid, she was asking me about the protests and the police so I just felt that was perfect timing for her to explain because what better than for it to come from police.”

Officer Kloetzer, a mom of three, says she hopes this small interaction makes a huge impact on Neveah.

But Brown believes it’ll do much more than that.

“We need to see that glimmer of hope and I felt that she like portrayed that hey, for all of the other good cops out there that really don’t like what’s going on, she represented them.”

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