Walk down aisle of memories with both owners of since-closed Niagara Falls bridal shop

Niagara Falls

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) — After decades in business, a bridal shop that’s been an anchor on the Niagara Falls business district closed its doors. 

Krystle Smolinski has been a customer of Tattler’s Lane Bridal for years and that’s how her bond with Josephine Santangelo, the original owner of the store, began.

“Josephine, just had this way, I know not just me, but every girl that walked in this store was like family,”  she said. “We just have a very close bond, I learned a lot she’s like a mom to me.”

Krystle bought the store from Josephine back in 2014 and after operating the business for several years, she decided to close-up shop to focus on her family. 

Josephine is 94 years old. She started the business she was 22, and she didn’t even know how to sew. She learned the craft along the way. 

Josephine has several fond memories at the shop,  including the time when John F. Kennedy visited Niagara Falls. He drove down Pine Avenue, right past her store.

“Oh my God, I remember this so well, and he was waving to everybody,” Josephine said.

She and her husband had the store’s current location, 1519 Pine Avenue, built from the ground up. There’s an apartment upstairs, and that’s where they lived and raised their children. One of her most favorite memories working there, was the simplicity of going from the upstairs apartment to the shop down below to work.

“Just going to work every day, I loved it, Even when I didn’t feel good, I would still come here and feel better,” she said. “ I loved this business and I still love it. And, if I was younger I would buy the business back.”

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