Young dog called “Joey” has been at the SPCA for 500 days — the staff is reaching out to the public to help him find his Forever home!

Niagara Falls

Five hundred days, that’s the longest a dog has stayed at the Niagara County SPCA. So far, there’s been two dogs that fall into this category and Joey, a pit bull mix is one of them.

After calling the SPCA home for the last 500 days, the staff is asking for the public’s help to find him a forever home.

Joey is very mellow, so mellow that the staff and volunteers were confused when his previous owner walked-in to surrender him.

“He has just charmed all of our staff and volunteers here at the Niagara County SPCA and we don’t know why he’s passed up all the time in the kennels, but we want to change that,” said Kimberly LaRussa Niagara County SPCA.

LaRussa says the pit bull stigma might have something to do with why it’s taken so long for him to find a home. 

“There is a stigma with pit bulls, we don’t understand why, because they’re actually the most loving out of any dog,” she said. “We don’t like breed discrimination, because every dog is different and Joey, is just as loving as any dog in the world. So, we just really hope that the community can see that.

“He has such an old soul, and he has a story to tell we know that for sure, but we just love him here so much. We would hope that someone would give him a chance for who he is on the inside.”

He does have a few special needs for his potential new home. 

There was one other dog who was at the SPCA just as long as Joey. Her name was Bonita she’s a pit bull mix as well and she found her forever home.

Anyone interested in adopting Joey — can reach out to the Niagara County SPCA 716-731-4368.

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