North Tonawanda single mother adopts 5th child adding to a brood of 8

North Tonawanda

Meet CJ, he’s a two year old with a new lease on life, that’s because on Thursday he was adopted.

He was born two months early and was found in a house all alone. He was rushed to a hospital where he recovered — and that’s when Michelle Lavett took him in.

“He was addicted to drugs when he was born. He had a really, really rough beginning, but he’s come such a long way,” said Lavett.

Michelle and her husband adopted CJ’s three older siblings. And, the timing of CJ’s adoption is bittersweet for the family.

“It’s very symbolic, because my children’s dad passed away Christmas 2017. So, by adopting CJ now, it is bringing some light and happiness to our family,” she said. “We love all the kids and CJ is the last of the sibling group of four that I’ve adopted.”

Including CJ and his three siblings, Lavett has one other adoptive child and three biological children for a total of eight.

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