Niagara County Legislator asks governor to help reduce speed limit on Shawnee Rd.


WHEATFIELD, N.Y. (WIVB) — Niagara County Legislator Jesse Gooch is asking Governor Kathy Hochul to get involved in lowering the speed limit on Shawnee Road in the Town of Wheatfield.

Gooch says county residents have looked to reduce the speed limit for years, but the state Department of Transportation refused.

“Shawnee Road (NYS Route 425) is a major north/south connector in Niagara County and is heavily traveled by commuters, school buses, and commercial traffic each day,” Gooch wrote in a letter to the governor. “Yet Shawnee also has a large number of residential homes right on it as well as numerous neighborhoods and subdivisions that funnel into it. The communities that rely on Shawnee also happen to be some of the fastest-growing areas in Niagara County, according to recent census data.”

Legislator Gooch also suggests the difficulty of turning onto Shawnee from the adjoining neighborhood, school buses making regular stops to pick up and drop off children, and the very narrow shoulder on the road, among other things, is reason to lower the speed limit on the road.

He also says it’s creating confusion and inconsistency. Gooch points out this is “not unprecedented” as the state took “bold action” on the Scajaquada and Niagara Falls Boulevard in recent years to reduce speed limits.

“A once lightly traveled north/south road in a rural community has become a major connector in a built-out and still growing suburban area. The community has significantly changed along Shawnee, and the speed limit needs to change with it,” Gooch wrote.

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