Helmets strapped, hands on the wheel, foot on the gas, a little competition, and we’re off…

Welcome to Niagara Falls newest attraction. It’s called Niagara Speedway.

Joel Noden, marketing director of the speedway told News 4, “We’ve developed this awesome new go kart track and its one of a kind in North America. It’s a combination of a coaster style track and a formula Indy course as well.”

The course opened this past Friday and it has already been a mega success. Partly because of its unique design. Noden said, “The course itself is 2000 feet and it’s all concrete. We spiral up 40 feet in the air and at the bottom you spiral back down.”

Depending on your driving skill you’ll get about 3-4 laps in the 5-minute race. This allows for some serious competition between friends. One rider said, “It was a lot of fun. We came with a big group and its just trying our best to take each other out and pass each other, so it was a lot of fun.”

If you have more of a family day in mind, the course is fit for that too. The carts allow for a passenger and go about 14 mph. But there is a secret to making them a bit speedier. Noden explained, “If you take your foot off the gas when you go down the hill you can get them up to about 20 mph!”

Aside from being a good time, the raceway has helped to bring back memories for people from their childhood.  In particular memories of playing the popular game ‘Mario Kart.’ He shared, “It’s nice to have that association. It wasn’t our inspiration initially when it was being designed but I think we’ve had different people who have made that assimilation once they’ve been on the track. “

The track is open every day of the week, weather permitting, from 10AM-midnight during the week and 1AM on weekends. You can find it right in the heart of Clifton Hill.