Nine months later and she finally gets IRS tax refund

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After nearly a year, and getting Call 4 Action involved, a Southtowns woman finally got her refund from the Internal Revenue Service for 2017.

Why did it take so long for Caeli Quiter of Silver Creek to get her money? A monumental case of mistaken identity, or refusal of a California based bank to accept Quiter’s identity.

It might be one of the biggest drawbacks of doing business with a “virtual” bank–it exists almost exclusively on the web. In Caeli’s case, the bank, Green Dot has its headquarters in Pasadena, CA making it nearly impossible to the cashier and say here I am.

Last February, Quiter’s dad used tax preparation software to file her return, and directed the  refund to be direct-deposited onto a debit card, a Green Dot debit card.

After dozens of phone calls and emails went unanswered, Caeli and her mom, Brigid McDonald contacted Called 4 Action, and Green Dot returned the refund to the IRS.

Earlier this week, the IRS sent Quiter her refund check, and the $2649.66 seems to include interest added on–IRS refund checks are typically rounded to the closest dollar.

Caeli is relieved, “It just seems like there should be a much easier way to get through to these people, to verify that is me a little bit faster and a little bit simpler.”

Quiter is now working in Rochester after earning a masters degree, and said she plans to use most of her refund to pay back her college loans.

“It was worth going through the process. I am glad I did not give up, I am glad my mom did not give up on me.”

Caeli feels she has learned a valuable lesson about doing business with a “virtual” bank, and would prefer a brick-and-mortar bank or credit union, with branches.

The next time she gets a tax refund, Quiter said she will have it direct-deposited to her bank account, not a debit card.

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