North Tonawanda residents and movie fans try to get a glimpse of “A Quiet Place 2” shoot

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Police and security blocked off Stenzil Street Monday for the filming of “A Quiet place 2”

But, lots of folks who live on East Felton Street, which is right behind where the movie shoot was taking place, were trying to see if they could catch a glimpse.

“I, myself, have tried to get down there a couple of times, but they really don’t let you see very much they want you to go the movies and watch it,” said Faith Elliott area resident. “But, I plan on going, I saw the first one and I liked it. And, I’ll be there for the second one.”

“I’ve actually been walking around the block every day to try to catch a little bit, that’s going on when they’re done at the end of the day. Or, just seeing them set up different things, but as of, right now, we can’t see anything, because they’ve got both ends blocked,” said Pam Lewis area resident.

The movie is a sequel to the horror film “A Quiet Place.” Much of the movie has been shot in Western New York — at places like Akron, Olcott, Buffalo, and the Grand Island bridges.

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