Officer involved in deadly shooting in Fredonia identified

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News 4 has confirmed that one person is dead in an officer-involved shooting in Fredonia on Monday. 

Fredonia Police chief Brad Meyers said at the scene that the deceased suspect had a knife and attacked an officer as police responded to a call at a home on Liberty Street. 

The officer, Nathan Scriven, has been with the department for more than 15 years. He was wearing a body camera during the incident.

“Two gun shots and then about 10 seconds later I heard another two,” said Ryan Wysong, who lives on Liberty Street in the Village of Fredonia.

Ryan Wysong says he was at home just a few doors down when he heard gunshots just before 2 p.m. Monday afternoon on Liberty Street. Within minutes, he says he saw nothing but flashing lights.

“It kind of sounded it like it was coming from the woods behind me and then it just proceeded to be a chaotic scene where all the police started piling down the road,” said Wysong.

Fredonia Police say officers responded to a home on Liberty Street to help Fredonia firefighters with a medical call.

“I believe the individual was locked in the bathroom with an unknown medical condition,” said Police Chief Brad Meyers.

Chief Brad Meyers says that person attacked one of the officers with a knife while the officer was inside the home.  Meyers says the officer backed off, but the person still went after him.

“The officer retreated out of the house on to the street, but was left with little choice but to fire at the assailant,” said Meyers.

Fredonia Police, New York State Police and Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office responded. It’s not clear where the person was shot, but they died at the scene. Meyers say the officer wasn’t hurt. His name isn’t being released at this time. nor is the name of the victim.

“These are never easy calls to handle, it’s a difficult call and it’s unfortunate that at the end of the day, it had to result in the way that it did,” said Meyers.

Chief Meyers says the investigation has been turned over to the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office.

He also says with any officer-involved shooting the Attorney General’s Office is also contacted. They will not be investigating the matter.

Officer Scriven involved has been put on administrative leave.

He told News 4 that the last time a Fredonia Police officer had to fire a weapon was 15 years ago. 

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