Albion police warn of scammers using phone, mail and Internet

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ALBION, N.Y. (WIVB) — Scammers have recently been targeting residents of Albion and Holley through phone, mail and the Internet.

Albion police say the scams have come in various forms.

In one scam, the victim is informed that a member of their parish is ill and needs money. The victim is then instructed to send funds to various locations in the forms of cash, gift cards and electronic transfers.

In another scam, victims receive an item in the mail telling them they’ve won a Publishers Clearing House contest. After being told this, the victims are then advised to send funds both electronically and in the form of cash to various locations to cover the tax before receiving a supposed $100,000 grand prize.

The last scam Albion police are informing people of involves undercover shopping.

According to police, the scammer texts the victim, telling them they’ve been selected to be an undercover shopper who evaluates retailers. The victim is told to call a specific phone number and provide a mailing address to receive correspondence.

At this point, the victim is told to buy Walmart gift cards in various amounts over $200, and to send the card numbers to various locations. The victim is also instructed to provide their bank information, being told that money for undercover shopping will be placed in their account. The scammer then electronically empties their entire bank account.

Police say that through these scams, victims have lost thousands of dollars.

If it sounds like a scam, it likely is one. Police say a simple Internet search of phone numbers can help determine if something is legitimate or not.

Officers in Albion can be reached by calling (585) 589-5627.

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