TSA: Albion woman brings loaded gun to Philadelphia airport

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WIVB) — An Albion woman was found to have a loaded handgun at the Philadelphia International Airport this weekend, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says.

Noting that the .22 caliber weapon was found on the day that followed the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, TSA Assistant Federal Secuirty Director said “This traveler did not realize that she was not allowed to bring her loaded gun onto her flight. The fact that guns are not allowed to be carried onto aircraft is a law that has been in place decades before TSA existed.”

Myers says the woman, who was not named, “now faces stiff federal financial civil penalties for her mistake.”

The TSA says the gun was spotted via an x-ray machine at a checkpoint. It had been loaded with nine bullets, including one in the chamber.

In 2019, the TSA says 20 guns were found at checkpoints within the airport. So far in 2020, 17 have been spotted.

Depending on the circumstances, a first offense can lead to a fine ranging from $4,100 to $13,669. This applies to people with or without concealed carry permits.

“Passengers are permitted to travel with firearms in checked baggage if they are properly packaged and declared at their airline ticket counter,” the TSA says. “Firearms must be unloaded, packed in a hard-sided case, locked, and packed separately from ammunition.”

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