BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The phrase “pack your patience” is often heard when discussing July 4 holiday travel. But, if you’re hitting the road for this year’s holiday weekend, you might want to pack your paycheck too. Inflation is the highest it’s been in decades and affects the travel industry like never before.

Western New York, and the entire nation, have seen gas prices rise during the summer months.

AAA’s Gas Cost Calculator estimates a one-way trip from Buffalo, NY to Boston, MA would cost a little more than $47 in 2021.

This year, making that same trip would cost almost $75.

Financial experts say being conscious about spending is key.

“A lot of people look at vacation as a vacation from looking at what they’re spending,” says Ogorek Wealth Management financial advisor Tony Ogorek. “Then they get a shock when they get back and get their visa card, and it’s ‘whoa, how did I spend all this money?'”

Ogorek says using gas-saving apps will only save a few cents in the long run. Saving money on other travel areas like hotels, dining, and vacation activities will be more effective.

Packing food in a cooler ahead of the trip instead of stopping for fast food or gas station snacks can help your wallet a lot. Planning which meals you’ll eat out ahead of time can help too.

“Some people just want to have fun and they wind up with a $500-$600 bill, with the dinner, drinks, and tips,” said Ogorek. “You want to tell people, ‘here’s what we’re spending, and try not to go over it.”

If your finances are stretched right now, experts suggest postponing your trip until the market bounces back.

Ogorek says having a budget and sticking to it will prevent some post-vacation sticker shock. To set that budget, check your credit card bill and your savings account and make a plan based on that.