“Pancho Billa” considering NFL draft announcement

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Buffalo Bills superfan Pancho Billa,  also known as Ezra Castro from Dallas, could be on the stage announcing a pick in next week’s NFL draft.

“I hope it does happen. I really do, even if the NFL doesn’t allow the pick to happen I still want to go and represent the Bills Mafia,” said Castro, who announced a draft pick last year.

Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson Tweeted earlier this week that he wants Castro to announce the draft pick in Nashville. The Tweet said quote “…with all he’s going through with on his fight with cancer. He’s the heart and soul of the Bills Mafia.”

Castro says, health permitting, he will go to the NFL draft, even if he doesn’t  get to announce the picks.

While many have followed his fight against cancer, Castro has has always been known for his passionate support of the Buffalo Bills and his colorful costume.

“I started telling bills fans that reach out to me, and tell me they’re praying for me, and thinking about me, and I reply to those messages,” he said. “I tell them, its’ not just me, think about all of the other fans, the Bills fans, that have the same struggle that I am going through.

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