Parent upset after box cutter brought to elementary school

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An Amherst mother is worried about her daughter’s safety after a student brought a box cutter to a Catholic elementary school.

That student is back in the classroom this week.

A letter written by St. Benedict school president Dr. Michael LaFever to parents on Monday confirms the incident. It indicated the student involved has been the target of bullying.

“As you know, we had an incident with a box cutter being brought to school last week which resulted in a suspension,” LaFever wrote.

The suspension ended Monday, according to the letter.

Sarah Gardner, who has a 4th grade daughter in the school says the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. She says the student has been aggressive and abusive toward her daughter in the past.

“Which is why this is a big issue for me,” Gardner said. “It’s a small school. There’s only one classroom. There’s no way to separate students. I don’t feel that the student is safe to have in the classroom. I feel like he poses a risk to everybody.”

LaFever sent News 4 a statement saying, “The school has in place existing protocols for situations when a student brings something that is against our school safety policy. Our school’s primary concern is always the safety of all our students, including the student in this particular circumstance.”

LaFever invited parents to the school this coming Saturday at 9 a.m. for a broader conversation about bullying in the building.

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