New allegations against former teachers at the Park School have some parents in shock. The teachers allegedly had sex with high school students. Now administrators are investigating those allegations.

“I’m just totally shocked,” said Larry Scheur.

It’s shocking for Larry Scheur to hear about new allegations against former teachers at the Park School.

His daughter is currently a student there and he’s had strong ties to the school for 27 years.

“One of my sons was a faculty member and this is the first I’ve ever heard of anything that was inappropriate at the Park School,” said Scheur.

Administrators say they’re investigating claims that four former teachers were involved in inappropriate, even sexual relationships with high school students.

The school posted a letter to its website Friday, saying this may have happened more than 40 years ago while the teachers worked at Park School in the 1970s and 1980s.

“I had two other children at park school who were there in the late 80s, I also was on the board of directors in the 80s and into the early 90s,” said Scheur.

According to the school, two of the accused teachers have died since then and they believe the other two are no longer teaching.

The school says its concerned there may be other incidents they don’t know about, so they’re encouraging any alumni to report any teacher misconduct.

Scheur says through the years he’s never even heard rumors of any inappropriate teacher student relationship.

“I’m absolutely surprised at this, knowing the role of Park School in the education of their children. I never witnessed one thing that I would consider inappropriate from a faculty member,” said Scheur.

Administrators say they want the families of current students to know the faculty and staff at Park know they have a great responsibility to keep students healthy and safe.

The school has created a committee to work with an attorney to investigate this and any other allegations.

Administrators say to prevent any concerns about misconduct they created a code of conduct in 2015. They say all employees receive training on that code of conduct every year.