WARREN, Pa. (WIVB) — Michael Burham, the alleged rapist and arsonist also suspected in the Jamestown death of 34-year-old Kala Hodgkin this past May, is set to be arraigned on charges stemming from his alleged crimes south of New York.

Burham has been accused of numerous crimes after authorities say he kidnapped an elderly couple at gunpoint and later escaped from a Warren County, Pennsylvania prison. Documents from the Court of Common Pleas of Warren County (PA) say Burham is set to be formally arraigned Thursday morning in both cases — the escape and the alleged kidnapping.

Since his escape from a Pennsylvania prison in July, resulting in nine days on the run, Burham has been back in custody under constant surveillance. Erie County, Pennsylvania Executive Brenton Davis boldly declared that there’s “absolutely zero chance” he’ll escape again.

Prior to his prison escape, the man police described as a “self-taught survivalist” was on the run, but was later found on May 24 in South Carolina. This initial capture took place nearly two weeks after Hodgkin’s body was found by Jamestown police.

Burham’s escape warranted talk of change to the prison’s infrastructure. Warren County said repairs to the roof of the prison yard were necessary.

“Essentially, it’s a box that is on the top level of the jail,” Warren County Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said. “The roof, there is a square hole in it that has a chainlink fence on top of steel girders, on top of it…There are pieces that hold that fence down. Those were broken, and so that was the hole that allowed him to escape through the roof.”

Burham’s escape involved bed sheets and elevating himself on exercise equipment. The commissioners and the prison board have since ordered the removal of the exercise equipment, so that equipment that doesn’t allow for higher positioning could take its place.

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