Pet pig to leave Amherst for new home

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BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) A pet pig named ‘Porkchop’ will soon be leaving Amherst. The 200 pound pig was a well-kept secret until late April when he got loose. The owner of the home where the pig stays has been trying to get to approval to keep him ever since.

“The pig will be gone out of Amherst by June 30th,” said Dianna Kruss, who owns the home on Castle Court where a relative has been living with what she describes as an emotional support animal. The neighborhood is zoned residential, but Kruss had been petitioning the Amherst Zoning Board of Appeals asking to keep it, so the board opened it up for a hearing Tuesday night.

“I think livestock is wonderful on the farm. I love pork chops, I love ribs, but keep them on the farm,” said Amherst resident Patricia Guerra. “Get a dog. Get a cat.”

But Kruss says most of her neighbors were unaware that the pig was even there. “That pig is quieter than half the dogs that bark at two or three in the morning. So I just wanted to let you know that this pig is very, very mellow and very quiet, and is not causing disruption like some dogs in the neighborhood are.”

Kruss made it clear that her relative and the pig will be moving by the end of the month anyway. “By midnight, June 30, the pig will be out of Amherst.”))

Board chairman John Radens told us Wednesday, his suggestion of adjourning the matter might’ve been the simplest way to go. “I’m trying to avoid the town spending manpower which is money to go through this.”

But in the end, the Zoning Board of Appeals voted to formally deny the petition so that it’s on record.​​​​​ “What happens if the pig is not gone. We don’t know for certain that it’s going to happen,” noted board member, Ann Nichols.

Amherst officials say a very possible outcome now is that the pig may leave town before the owner can even be ordered to appear in court. 

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