Photographer catches photo of a lifetime

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LONDON, England (WIVB) — After a week of news dominated by llamas running through Arizona, most have had their fill of cute animal stories, but one photographer from England isn’t ready to let the cute trend die.

Upon chance, Martin Le-May was on a walk with his wife when they heard a squawking noise and saw a woodpecker in distress. They say what they say next was a shock. He saw, then subsequently photographed a woodpecker struggling with a baby weasel on its back.

Le-May says the weasel was struggling to survive, but he could only snap a photo to document the moment.

“Most amateur photographers, perhaps all amateur photographers, it’s almost a dream, isn’t it to take a photograph that lots and lots of people not only look at but like?” he said in an interview.

Le-May said the woodpecker persevered fine after he and his wife distracted the weasel. Now he’s got a story to tell.

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