ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WIVB) — We’re hearing from Buffalo Bills superfan Pinto Ron for the first time following the open-heart surgery he underwent earlier this year.

Now in typical Pinto Ron fashion, he waited until the Bills season was over to have this operation done.

Pinto Ron, whose real name is Ken Johnson, was diagnosed with a heart murmur at a very young age. He knew that his heart valve was going to have to be replaced at some point after a doctor’s visit about five years ago.

And Pinto Ron says that he would have never known his heart valve was deteriorating if it weren’t for that check-up.

“I’m a real high-energy person. I really didn’t have any symptoms at all. I keep telling everyone that if I kept not having symptoms, I really wouldn’t have known. Since I had the surgery and now that it is 2-3 months later um I can say they (the doctors) were probably right I was probably having some symptoms. Like there are some things, my feet don’t get cold anymore. I just thought that was because I was 63 and my energy it looks like it is higher than it was before,” said Johnston.

Pinto Ron is doing just fine at home in Rochester.

He’s eager for the defending AFC East champion Buffalo Bills to hit the field later this fall. And for more ketchup and mustard ceremonies to commence on gamedays.