Playing one sport year round could increase injury risk

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – You can feel it in the air, spring is right around the corner. Many young athletes have been playing all winter long.

It’s a trend now- children playing sports through the year. Doctors say it’s a dangerous trend though.

“We do worry a little bit about the year round thing, especially when children are developing,” said Dr. Les Bisson, a sports medicine physician with University at Buffalo School of Medicine.

Dr. Bisson said more people are participating in sports all during the year which is leading to an increase in injuries.

“That would result in more accumulative overuse injuries,” said Dr. Bisson. “I think go more overtraining rather than intensity in any given season.”

Dr. Bisson and others involved with athletics say, in the long run, they think it’s best for children to experience difference sports, building character while staying active.

“I think if you’re too focused on one sport, you don’t become an athlete,” said Kevin Hufford, the owner of Softball Central, an indoor playing facility. “You become a softball robot or a soccer robot.”

“It’s better to develop athleticism rather than specializing in any one particular sport,” said Dr. Bisson

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