BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) It’s happened at least seven times in the past two weeks. Thieves have attempted, or succeeded at, stealing the plow right off the front of a contractor’s truck.

“It’s a shock,” said Rocky Casullo of Casullo’s Auto and Truck which supplies equipment for plow drivers. “That’s what we’re getting, calls from guys who just say, ‘I can’t believe it, but my 5, 6, 7,000 dollar plow is missing. It’s gone. Seven attempts that we know of, that we’ve been contacted for saying, ‘Hey, my plow has disappeared, my plow’s been moved.’ There’s been damage where a plow’s been chained around poles and then pulled with another vehicle. You can see they were dragged around the parking lot.”

“I just really hope these guys get caught,” said Adam Gervase, who had his stolen two weeks ago in Clarence Center. He has surveillance video of the thieves’ truck driving in without a plow on the front of it, and driving out with his plow on the front of it.

“We believe they were driving a silver Chevy or GMC 2500, maybe no tailgate on it and a large back rack. They must have had multiple people because they were able to drag the plow out from the truck that was in front of it,” said Gervase.

What’s being stolen are specifically Western brand snow plows, known for how quickly they can be detached for convenience after a job, according Casullo. “Unfortunately, it is a stealing point. They’re so easy to steal that if you’re not mindful of where the plow is stored and how it’s stored, you’re susceptible to that.”

Wherever the thieves may be trying to resell them, Adam suggests buyer beware. “If a deal seems too good to be true and a lot of these plows are almost brand new, there’s a good chance that it’s stolen and that’s why the price is so good.”

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office wants to hear any information that may help break this case, even if it’s about an attempted theft of one of these plows, call Crimestoppers at (716) 867-6161.