Harry King was 13-years-old when he got his first job; working for his church, Saints Peter and Paul in Hamburg. 

Part of the job was helping out the parish priest, Fr. Donald Becker, at  this cabin.

“I was very excited about it you know. And then it really kind of went haywire,” he said. 

King claims he was given alcohol and raped by Becker on more than one occasion. He detailed his abuse in a public Facebook post last week. King also wrote about the settlement he reached with the Buffalo Diocese, for $140,000.

It was far less that he was expecting. 

“I just thought well, this is what you think this is worth? This is what you think my abuse is worth? And at the same time I’m hearing from my attorney that other people are getting $10,000 and then some people are getting $300,000 and I’m like well what did they have to do?”

He accepted the money, fearing at the time that it was his only chance for some sort of closure. 

King believes Becker had several other victims before and after him. 

“When I met with Monsignor Cunningham in 2002 originally, he told me that they were aware of at least three people.”

Fr. Becker was taken out of active ministry in the early 2000s. 

He was included in the list of 42 priests released by the Diocese in March of last year, but he was not on the Diocese’s original list of 13, released earlier in March of 2018.

Knowledge of Becker’s alleged abuse would have been known by the Church at that point, according to survivors. King reported his alleged abuse long before March 2018. 

News 4 reached out to the Buffalo Diocese to see why Becker’s name was not published sooner. A spokesperson for the Diocese was not available for comment due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. 

Fr. Becker is in his late 70s and is living out of state; News 4 has spoken to him by phone in the past. 

We attempted to reach him Monday for a comment to King’s claims. We left a message for Becker and have not heard back.