(WIVB)– Taylor Gawron is from Cheektowaga. She’s a substitute teacher and she qualifies for a covid vaccine under the state’s 1b grouping. She spent much of her Friday morning trying to get an appointment on the state’s website. 

“It came up, UB has appointments, hundreds of appointments and time slots. so, finally, I was able to pick a time slot for next Thursday, it kicked me off,” she said. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed the issue today, he stressed that the issue at large is supply. The state is now getting less vaccines than a originally allotted.

The state was getting 300 thousand vaccine doses every week, now the state is getting 250,000 doses. The state has about 7 million people to vaccinate  between the 1a and 1b groups (that includes health care workers, first responders, people 65 years and older among others. The full list is here. https://covid19vaccine.health.ny.gov/phased-distribution-vaccine )

“So, the eligibility opens up, the supply goes down. What they did was like opening up the floodgates of eligibility. You have a rush of 7 million people, ‘I want the vaccine, I want it now, I was told I was eligible’ And that entire flood has to go through a syringe . all this volume and it has to go through a point of a needle, literally and figuratively. That’s the situation the federal government created.” 

Cuomo says overall 74 percent of the vaccine supply is in arms throughout the state. 

The vaccine is a two dose process. Cuomo says 96,430 people have received the second dose and have completed the vaccination process. He says 731,285 people have received the first dose and are scheduled to get a second dose. 

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