Proposed NYS law requires window tint checks during yearly inspection

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CITY OF TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) — If you get pulled over, and your window tint is too dark, you’ll probably get a ticket. But under a proposed New York State law, your car will be taken off of the road all together.

Captain Frederic Foels with the City of Tonawanda Police Department, said, “We see it all of the time and we try to pull them over and we have the devices to check your glass to see if it’s compliant.”

The police cannot be everywhere to check every car. But a recently passed piece of legislation in the state senate and assembly would crack down on illegal tints and it would require state inspection shops to check the windows.

Captain Foels said, “Right now there’s no provision, unless you get pulled over and receive a summons to have that illegal tint removed, so if it’s going to start at the yearly inspection, maybe it’s going to decrease the amount of illegal tinted windows in New York.”

Under New York State Law, a window tint has to let at least 70% of light pass through. It is one of the toughest laws in the country. Texas, one of the more lax states, only requires only 30 percent.

Captain Foels said offenders are typically given “fix it” tickets, and the case is dismissed after the violation was corrected.

Supporters of the proposed law say it will increase safety for drivers and pedestrians. Supporters also say it will help keep officers safe – especially during a time of increased threats towards police.

“An officer could walk up to someone with darkened windows and that driver could have an handgun on his lap, and the officer would not know it until the window goes down and potentially a gun could be in that officers face.” , said Captain Foels.

The proposal is currently sitting on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s desk for a decision.

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