Protestors make the case for reopening of northern border during Buffalo rally

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The United States-Canada border reopening is in limbo again, this time as Ontario is in the middle of a several-week shutdown.

The closure continues as families on both sides continue their cry that family is essential.

Protesters took to Buffalo’s Pat Sole Park near the Peace Bridge again to call on government leaders to reach a solution.

Some of the stories from these families include people who have died on one side, with relatives on the other side who lack closures.

People who have property they haven’t been able to maintain and people who are fully vaccinated who don’t understand why they’re still being kept away from their significant others.

Merton LaBounty said, “It’s so close. She’s literally right there. And we’ve done everything we were supposed to. We’ve been in lock down. I’ve had my workers, and we’re distanced from each other. We’ve done everything right. Hopefully, I just hope and pray they get enough vaccination over there in Canada.”

Congressman Brian Higgins has been urging the Biden administration to reopen the border, at least partly. News 4 asked him on Friday where those negotiations stand.

He says people who have been responsible and who have property, business interests and family should be allowed to cross now.

“I think people are just tired of this blanket restriction on their movement. And my point is, nobody is suggesting the border be opened up arbitrarily. They have to do it safely in order to do it successfully. But we now have more tools than we had a year ago. So yes, the border…we should be able to open that up,” Higgins told News 4.

Higgins is pushing for partial reopening by Memorial Day.

President Biden is suggesting a return to some normalcy by July 4.

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