Radio’s Ted Shredd talks about his COVID-19 battle

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A popular Buffalo radio host is urging people to get vaccinated as he recovers from a grueling and scary battle with COVID-19. Ted Shredd reveals what a close call he had.

“The path I was on, my doctors said they weren’t sure there’d be a Shredd and Ragan Show, but I will be happy to be back for sure,” said Shredd.

Ted Shredd is out of the hospital, recovering at home. He’s looking forward to getting back to his popular morning radio show on 103.3 The Edge after a difficult month off the air battling COVID-19.

“I hope I get 100% recovery like everybody, but I guess I’ll just have to deal with it. I really don’t have any options,” added Shredd.

Shredd’s nightmare began a month ago after he got his first COVID-19 vaccine, but it turned out he had COVID before the shot.

“They believe I got COVID, probably exposed to it one to two days prior to me getting the vaccination.”

He battled coughing, difficulty breathing, extreme fatigue. His oxygen level plunged dangerously low.

His doctor sent him to Buffalo General Hospital. His condition worsened and doctors considered a ventilator. But first, they suggested treatment with an experimental drug — a drug that sometimes causes internal bleeding.

“I said what would you do in this situation. If this was your wife sitting here would you ever take this drug and he said, I absolutely would. And I said all right, let’s do it.”

Shredd says his amazing turnaround began within 24 hours and had him home from the hospital a few days later. He’s a husband, father, and avid cyclist. Doctors say they would usually see a quick recovery like this in much younger people.

“They said because of your physical condition, it probably helped you a lot.”

After what he has endured — Shredd sees himself as a living example of how important it is to get vaccinated. He says, “It can screw up your life big time, if not end it. So I would just encourage people to get vaccinated.”

And he has been moved by the hundreds of people from the city of good neighbors who have reached out to him with good wishes and prayers.

“That was extremely touching. Choked me up — choking me up right now. It definitely brought me to tears while I was in that hospital bed not knowing what was going to happen. But again, trying to stay as positive as possible and really grateful that they did reach out, sent me well wishes and prayed for me and all that because I do feel it was really helpful and powerful in getting me thru this.”

We certainly wish him well as he recovers. Ted Shredd says he’s hoping to be back on the air, at least part-time, next week.

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