Raise pediatric cancer awareness by taking the “whipping pie challenge”

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The “whipping pie challenge” means getting a pie in the face! But behind all the pie and whipped cream is a greater message about something that’s not so sweet: a battle that hundreds of thousands of kids and teens are fighting all over the world.

“I was diagnosed when I was 16 in January of 2012. I had 15 months of chemotherapy so I had to get homeschooled for a while and then I was able to go back to school and try to live a normal life,” said Kaely Kwitek, Kaely’s Kindness co-founder.

Kaely is now cancer free as of January of this year. She fought a rare cancer for teens and has now made it her mission to help other girls going through the same thing.

“While going through treatment I actually met somebody who was also battling but she could tell I was new and introduced herself and she became my go-to for all of this. And I realized how much support I truly had from my community,” said Kwitek.

That’s why she wants to pay it forward and started her own foundation called Kaely’s Kindness. It’s a group that offers practical peer and social support, as well as financial assistance for those battling pediatric cancer here in Western New York.

“Doing whatever is needed so that parents and families can focus on getting better versus the monetary part of what cancer really gives you,” said Kwitek.

Founder of the popular “Hope Rises” blog Kate Glaser is trying to spread awareness by challenging people in Western New York to take the “whipping pie challenge” and make a donation to Kaely’s Kindness Foundation.

“Only 4% of all funding for cancers goes to pediatric cancer research and awareness and it’s just not right so I wanted to do my part through Hope Rises to spread awareness about the challenges that these young children face,” said Kate Glaser, Hope Rises founder.

“It really does bring hope to me at least knowing that people do want to help and are trying to,” said Kwitek.

News 4’s Angela Christoforos took the whipping pie challenge, and now challenges you to do the same!

You can make a donation at the following links: http://www.kaelyskindness.org/donations


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