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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — An excruciatingly cold and unseasonably snowy February is coming to an end, and when western New York leaves it behind, it will be leaving behind the shattered remains of some century old or more records.

February of 2015 wasn’t just cold, it was arctic cold. Zero days have been above freezing. That has led to an incredibly high amount of damage from water main breaks to accidents from slippery cold, and it’s also created a risk of future damage. Without reaching temperatures which would allow a temporary thaw, snow has piled up in some places to incredible amounts.

In the record books, February in Buffalo will be mentioned for years to come, and if records hold as long as some of the shattered records remained in place, then it could be talked about for centuries.

  1. The most important record broken firmly names February as the coldest month in Buffalo’s history. The average temperature each day was about 11 degrees. The second coldest year prior was in 1934 when the temperature averaged out at 11.6 degrees. But before that, it hadn’t been anywhere near this cold since in 1875 the average temperature was 13.4 degrees.
  2. Snow totals shattered some old records, but when snowfall tapered off after a few snowstorms, progress was lost on taking the top spot in snowfall, too. Buffalo in February took the third spot with 46.2 inches of snow, falling behind 1960 at 49.5 inches and 1958 at 54.2 inches of snow.
  3. Although it is officially the coldest month in Buffalo’s history, it’s not the longest cold snap. Before the month ends, it will have achieved 30 days of below freezing temperatures consecutively. That is still eclipsed by four other records, the longest being 45 days below freezing.
  4. As no days in February were above freezing, it goes in the record books as the second time in history that the entire month of February has been freezing. The only other time that has happened was in 1978.
  5. The last record of note is that Buffalo is tied in the top spot for numbers of days which the temperature has dipped below zero at 10 days which the thermometer has read subzero temperatures.

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