Red Cross volunteers from Western New York are being sent to help prepare for Hurricane Dorian

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In preparation for damage in the southeast, seven people from western and central New York will soon be heading to Florida and South Carolina to aid in response.

“This is obviously going to be very traumatic even if it does blow through,” said Red Cross regional communications officer Jay Bonafede said. “Just having to prepare again for some of these people that just dealt with [hurricanes] Michael last year, or Urma a couple of years ago, or Maria.

The exact path of Hurricane Dorian is still uncertain, but it’s estimated that 19 millions people could be impacted by strong winds, rain and flooding.

“Everyone is kind of watching Dorian right now,” Bonafede said. “No one is 100 percent sure of the path so the Red Cross mobilizing response could be thousands of people who need an evacuation shelter to get away from the storm, or are forced to evacuate afterwards for a more permanent shelter.”

To offer people relief, volunteers will prepare several evacuation center this labor day weekend. A few of the volunteers have already headed south and the rest are on stand by.

“They can’t wait those people,” Bonafede said. “If they have to evacuate they need a place to go and so we’re going to make sure that they have that.”

More than 600 Red Cross volunteers from across the country will help those effected by the storm.

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