BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Congressman Brian Higgins spoke in Buffalo Monday morning to express his disfavor of the Skyway — a heavily-used portion of Route 5.

Higgins spoke to members of the press, saying the Skyway is a deterrent to activity and business in the city’s waterfront region.

“This pulls them away from the waterfront, not down and into it,” Higgins said.

Higgins wants the structure, which he calls “structurally deficient,” to be replaced at some point, but he was not clear when. He believes it is dangerous and a waste of money that would cost too much to fix.

In its place, Higgins wants to build something cheaper and more fitting for the waterfront. He says locals “must make decisions about our own future.”

“Before we invest in the upkeep of the Skyway, we must look at smart alternatives to get people down to waterfront, not away from it,” Higgins said.

In some of Higgins’ final words, he expressed a need for the state’s Department of Transportation to be transparent with their Skyway plans, also noting that road plans could change Buffalo for the “next hundred years.”