Rep. Higgins supports U.S. decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan

Local News

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) — Congressman Brian Higgins says the decision to pull United States troops from Afghanistan is the right one.

Speaking in Niagara Falls Thursday, Higgins says the U.S. has poured trillions of dollars into recent middle east conflicts including Afghanistan without clear, positive results.

Higgins added, the result would be the same no matter when the military started its departure.

“It’s a mess there. It has been for a long time. Obviously, it was going to be messy in leaving. So whether you do it now or next year, or two years, it’s really not going to change much,” said Rep. Higgins.

Congressman Higgins says Afghan citizens who have been helping the U.S. must be safely evacuated from that country and the U.S. should negotiate for better treatment of women, under the Taliban regime.

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