Residents of the Carolinas speak out about Hurricane Florence

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Hurricane Florence continues to churn over the Atlantic Ocean. Over the past few days and the latest meteorological model updates, it is looking like it could be worse than initially projected.

We all have storm stories to share. In Buffalo, they typically involve snow. In the Carolina’s, especially the past few years, hurricanes have stolen the show. Hurricane Florence is one that locals will be talking about for years to come.

Janet Bragg lives in Summerville South Carolina, about 20 miles outside of Charleston, SC. She shared with News 4, “I’m not going to lie i’m terrified, I’m so nervous about this.”

And for good reason. Hurricane Florence continues to show extreme strength and it’s position is targeted towards the Carolina coast.

Another resident Eddie Royko, of Denver North Carolina, shared with News 4 what they’re hearing in the south. He said, “From what we’re hearing on the news here it’s supposed to hit Kure Beach as a category 3 storm and then turn south now towards Colombia.”

Kure Beach is an island located close to the border of North and South Carolina. That path has changed day to day but regardless residents there and all across both of the Carolinas are preparing for the worst.

Bragg shared, “We have some grocery stores still open, but the shelves are empty. They are picking everything clean.”

Residents in those areas are taking every precaution necessary. That includes stocking up on the essentials, getting extra gasoline, and  boarding up their homes.

Royko shared, “We got the boards, put them for each window, screwed them up, and we did the ocean side and the front street side, but most people were just doing the ocean side.”

This is surprising, especially since this storm is reminiscent of Hurricane Hugo, that hit this same area back in 1989. Hugo killed 49 people and caused more than 17 billion dollars in damages. Bragg remembers that storm.

She said, “The sound was amazing. I’ve never heard anything like it. We walked outside and the devastation was something I’ve really never experienced. It looked like a wasteland.”

People in Florence’s path are keeping their fingers crossed that this storm will not be nearly as devastating. Bragg said, “It’s living in the low country and we are very low. And we just hope for the best.

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