Resistance builds in the county legislature- against undocumented people getting driver’s licenses

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The Erie County Legislature minority caucus is putting their support behind a new resolution, opposing drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants.

This issue is currently being addressed on the state level, with a bill that  would allow undocumented immigrants to get a license by using an alternative form of identification.

Erie County Legislator John Mills, who is a co sponsor of the resolution, says it’s time for the county to take a stand

“The reason we went ahead and did this resolution is to send a message to the legislature and the governor and albany, is that this issue is unacceptable, especially for the people in Western New York,” said Mills.

The idea was pitched back in 2007  by former governor Eliot Spitzer, but, back then,  it did not pass.

The concern, some say, is if undocumented immigrants get licenses, then it will open the door to problems at the voting booth, possible fraud and crime

“We’re looking at fraud, which is something we’re concerned about,” said Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns.

At last check, the bill is being considered in the transportation committee.   We reached out to the Erie County Legislature Democratic Caucus, but received no comment on the issue.

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