Restaurants plead with New York State to “Save our Servers” outside city courthouse

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Frustrated with the regulations New York State has put in place, restaurants owners involved in the lawsuit against the State voiced their concerns as they waited for the State Supreme Court to make their decision.

The main argument from these restaurants stems from the COVID-19 numbers in Erie County. They say the Governor has proven there are more COVID cases in other parts of the state that still remain open.

“They’re telling us that it’s safe to eat on the left side of the canal, but not the right. It’s telling us that it’s safe to eat at 9:59 but not at 10:01, ” says Tim Walton and Event Manger for Venu. “Is it science, or is it just pulled out of thin air? And that’s what it seems that this point.”

There are over 70 restaurants involved in this lawsuit against the state. If the Judge rules in favor of them, that means they get to open their doors. Other restaurants in Erie County will have to wait until Orange Zone restrictions are lifted.

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