Rim wall shows depth of pothole problem in WNY

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You don’t always see potholes until it’s too late, but, you certainly feel them. “So far, I’ve had to buy three new tires.  I’ve gone through two rims and my car value has decreased by $2,000,” said Western New York Native, Anna Grazier. 

They can cause thousands of dollars in damage and they’ve been spotted across the city and across Western New York.  “It’s just crazy,” said Grazier. “There’s no denying there’s an absolute problem.” 

The City of Buffalo had five crews out patching up potholes, Tuesday morning.  Over the weekend, Buffalo crews were out covering more than 100 streets.  Residents say that only put a dent in the problem. 

One of the bigger potholes is located on Elmwood Avenue in North Buffalo.  That pothole led to what residents are calling, a “Memorial Pothole Wall.”  “It’s been building up,” said Western New York native, Bradley Gelber. “I don’t know if people are trying to make a joke to the city or not.  But it’s kind of unfortunate you can’t drive on a main road like Elmwood without worrying your car will be broken in half.” 

After News 4’s initial report on the Elmwood pothole aired at noon on Tuesday, that pesky pothole was filled. 

The city says there are a few ways to report a pothole: 

1.  Call 311 within the City of Buffalo

2.  Call 851-4890 Outside of the city

3.  Go to the 311 page on the city’s website 

We spoke to one resident who says he did report it online and is waiting for a response. 

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