ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WIVB) — A Rochester woman with Stage 4 breast cancer is leading the effort for New York to pass a right-to-die bill.

“I want this control,” Susan Rahn said. “I want to be able to make this decision for myself, because so many other decisions have been taken from me.”

Rahn wants people like her to have control over the end of their life. That fight is now in the hands of New York’s highest court.

End of Life Choices New York hopes the State Supreme Court will rule that a trial is needed to decide whether someone with a terminal illness can take medication that would end their life.

The two sides debated whether giving patients access to these kinds of drugs would result in a spike in deaths.

“We now know from 20 years’ experience elsewhere in the country, when patients are empowered with this choice, they make it relatively rarely, but are very comforted to have it,” Kathryn Tucker, with End of Life Liberty said.

Adam Prizzio, with the Center for Disability Rights, said “There’s no way to legalize physician-assisted suicide that will not cause disabled people to be killed by it through abuse, neglect, coercion.”

There is also a battle going on in the Legislature.

New York’s medical aid in dying bill passed in committee, but has not gone for a vote in the full State Assembly or Senate.