SALAMANCA, N.Y. (WIVB) — Devastation, outrage and heartbreak are some of the words people used to describe the news that Edward Kindt will be released from prison next week.

A New York State Parole Board has granted Kindt parole. He will be released March 29. It’s unclear where Kindt will go upon his release. News 4 is also working to learn of any restrictions he will face while on parole.

Kindt pleaded guilty to second degree murder after he raped and strangled Penny Brown on Mother’s Day, 1999. Brown – a beloved midwife and mother of two daughters – had been out jogging of Pennsy Trail in Salamanca with her two dogs when Kindt attacked her.

Kindt was 15 years old when he was arrested. He’s now 39, the same age Brown was when he killed her.

He was previously denied parole multiple times. Kindt was sentenced nine years to life, which had been the maximum sentence for someone under 16 years old who commits murder.

Former State Sen. Cathy Young was one of the lawmakers who helped pass Penny’s Law, which increased the second degree murder sentence for someone under 16 years old to 15 years to life.

In a statement, Young said, “We fought so hard against this day ever coming, and this stone-cold killer’s release from prison is a traumatic turn of events for the family and the community…Penny was a shining light who touched countless lives, and we must continue to honor her memory and her legacy. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone who loved.”

Cattaraugus County Legislator Laurie Hunt sponsored resolution condemning the parole board for its decision. She said this news has reopened old wounds for the community.

“To have this happen here, it was very sad,” Hunt said. “It just seems surreal and it couldn’t happen in this community, and we’re hoping this never does again.”

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