School bus drops off 6 yr old at the wrong house

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It was one of those horrifying scenarios that causes parents to lose sleep at night: a 6-year-old student at Maryvale Primary School was let off his school bus at the wrong house, but to make matters worse he is legally blind.

James and Jaznique Terrell had no idea anything was even going wrong for their son, Jasaan, until a total stranger drove up to their front door and asked Jaznique if she and her husband were looking him.

Jaznique was home from work, and thought Jasaan’s bus was might have been running late. Suddenly a man pulled up to the house, and asked if she was looking for her 6-year-old. 

Then the stranger opened the door on his SUV, and there was Jazaan. The driver, a father himself told Jaznique what happened.  Just a few minutes before, a school bus dropped the Maryvale first grader off in front of the stranger’s house.

“Like my heart just dropped to the ground,” recalled Jaznique, “and I just started crying because I did not know, to think that he did something.”

As you might imagine, Terrell’s heart just seemed to stop when she found her young son in the stranger’s back seat, as he explained the mixup to her.

“The bus pulls up, lets the kid off, and he said–‘before I could even say anything the bus pulled off.’ He said he asked Jasaan, where are you going, and luckily Jasaan knows his address and was able to direct him on how to get to my house.”

First Student Transportation officials told Terrell, the driver was a substitute and used a GPS program to drop Jasaan off.

A spokesman at Frist Student’s corporate office in Cincinnati told News 4 there was a man standing at the place Jasaan was dropped off, and Jasaan identified him to the bus driver as his father.

But the house where Jasaan was dropped off bears little resemblance to the condominium where the Terrells live, and Jaznique pointed out, with Jasaan’s visual impairments he could not see far enough to see the man well.

The First Student spokesman also said the substitute driver did not know Jasaan is blind, since he was riding in a full size school bus.

The Terrells said the incident has been so traumatic for the family, Jaznique is driving her son to school each day, and they plan to ask for a smaller shuttle bus to bring him home after school. 

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